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5 Bad Habits That Are Harming Your Oral Health

While you might floss regularly, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue twice a day, certain bad habits might wreak havoc on your oral health, regardless of your hygiene practices. We have mentioned some of them below so that you can take active steps to steer clear of them: 

  • Using your teeth to open stuff 

You might attract a lot of admiration for your ability to open beer bottles with a jerk of your jaw, but it’s not really good for the enamel of your teeth. Doing this regularly will cause the enamel to wear off or lead to chipped teeth. Save yourself from the trouble and the pain by reaching out for the bottle opener instead. 

  • Having sugary foods 

While most of us have been conditioned to stay away from chocolates and baked goods to maintain our oral health, keeping a tab on your sugar intake can get tricky when you have a 9-to-5 job that demands alertness and focus. All those sugar-filled cups of coffee aren’t really doing your teeth any favors. 

But don’t worry; Norvelt dental surgeons have a hack for you. Set alerts on your phone to remind you not to overdo it. Look for other interventions that can keep you awake, ditch the sugar cubes altogether, or wash your mouth thoroughly after consuming anything sugary. Being mindful of how much you’re consuming is the key to keeping your molars healthy and preventing cavities in the long run. 

  • Not wearing mouthguards while playing a sport 

There is a reason why many professionals tuck in mouthguards while bringing their A-game into courts and fields. There is a high risk of injury when you indulge in a full-contact sport such as football, rugby, lacrosse, and so on. Don’t forget to protect those pearly whites the next time you walk in to play with your friends! 

  • Smoking 

Long-term smoking causes a build-up of layers of plaque and tartar and leads to bad breath or inflamed gums. Smokers are also six times more likely to develop some kind of oral cancer than their non-smoking counterparts. 

Quitting smoking is the way to go if you want to avoid major dental issues. Get in touch with a professional to help you on the journey and reach out for support to get rid of the habit for good. 

  • Biting your nails 

Orthodontists in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, have come across many acute oral problems in patients such as multiple teeth with damaged enamels, halitosis, gum irritation, and cavities. Digging deeper, they found that the reason was frequent nail-biting. 

Many are prone to turning to this habit when they are anxious or nervous, which causes bacteria on the fingers to transfer to their mouth. To avoid this, cut your nails short or have another stress-relieving object (such as a stress ball or a fidget spinner) close by to keep your hands busy. 

Caring for your teeth is important, not only for a beautiful and confident smile, but also because it is directly connected with your physical and mental well being. Other than staying away from these bad habits, make sure that you fix regular dental appointments to maintain your dental health. If you looking for an emergency dentist in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, get in touch with us now.