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Heath and Safety Procedures

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Prime Dental Response to COVID-19

We value the health and safety of our patients and our staff. In response to COVID-19, we at Prime Dental have invested in new equipment that most dentists do not yet have.

Dental work can often produce aerosols; this is the main and highest risk for the spread of COVID-19 in a dental office. To mitigate the risk, we have purchased an aerosol suction system, a small unit that sucks in 99.9% of all aerosols produced from dental work at the point of production. 

diagram of how an air filter worksIn addition to the aerosol suction system and all the required protective gear, we have also invested in several medical-grade air filters. Our air filters clean air through a system of HEPA filters, charcoal filters, and ultraviolet lights that kill all viruses, bacteria, and microbes in the air.

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