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Here‘s Why You May a Need Dental Crown Treatment

For years, crowns and bridges have been used to treat orthodontic conditions such as missing or decayed teeth. Most commonly, people tend to give it a second thought when they step into a dental clinic. Many questions arise, one of which is- “Do I really need a dental crown treatment”. Perhaps, your doubts and questions are fair as it is something that requires you to spend quite an amount at a time.

Dentists often recommend getting a dental crown treatment as it is considered the best solution to extend the life of a tooth, down the road. Before stepping ahead, a dentist will evaluate and review your current condition and recommend necessary treatment plans. However, it’s a good practice to be self-aware about the purpose of such treatment options.

1. A Cracked or Broken Tooth

If you feel a sensation when you bite down, quite possibly, it’s a call for action. In this case, the action is directed towards a crown. You should know that a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth reflects a serious condition and usually requires dental crown treatment. Depending upon the spread and intensity of the crack through the gum line, you may require a coverage crown. Root canal or extractions are the steps that take place before the actual dental crown is put on. If the dentist tells you that the crack isn’t invasive, simply opting for a filling would cover it up as well.

2. Decayed Tooth

It’s crazy how infection can spread from a decayed tooth to the neighboring teeth. As harsh as it sounds; bacteria tend to spread in the mouth and other teeth that damage your overall oral hygiene. Not only does a decayed tooth look bad but also tends to be smelly and uncomfortable. It’s unsafe to keep a decayed tooth as it is for long. This is why; capping the spoiled tooth would safeguard it and the other ones effectively. Through a dental procedure, any possible presence of bacteria in that area is flushed out and a crown is placed to bring it back to its original healthy state.

3. Additional strength to teeth

Fillings can solve the slight problems of gapped, crooked, or even a treated tooth. However, they do not guarantee a long-lasting presence. So, crowns are used as a secure way to add to its strength and it even looks better when it’s on. They do not wash off easily and stay for as long as one can imagine. If you witness your fillings wearing off due to heavy biting, just rely upon the easiest method of dental crown treatment. Whether or not you need a root canal, crowns and bridges are sure to deliver the exact look and feel you were expecting.

With healthy and protected teeth you can now grab a bite of your favorite burger, munch on your much-awaited snacks, or enjoy delicacies, without having to feel any discomfort. How nice is that? You can consult Prime Dental for crown and bridge treatment in Mount Pleasant pa. For more information, you can check online for booking, appointments, and treatment plans.