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Why Straightening Crooked Teeth Is Important

Crooked Teeth

There is nothing more attractive and lovely than a confident, beautiful smile! It makes you look approachable, radiant, and happy, ready to take on the world! However, many people abstain from smiling more because of their crooked teeth, which sometimes also fuels their low self-esteem levels. That is why every year, millions of Americans choose orthodontic dental treatment and sometimes, cosmetic dental implants to align their teeth and correct their bite 

One of the most common reasons why people choose dental braces and Invisalign to correct spaced out, crowded or crooked teeth is to feel better about themselves and their orofacial features. Undoubtedly, it improves their self-image and also makes them feel less conscious when in social settings. Thus, the benefits are tremendous! 

But that’s not all. Straighter teeth also have a wide range of health benefits. In this blog, we will cover a few of them: 

  1. Crooked teeth are more susceptible to chipping and breaking than straighter ones. While your teeth are designed to withstand wear and tear while eating or talking, crooked teeth might have jagged edges due to which your pearly whites might experience even more stress. 

In addition to this, the crown of your upper teeth might be damaged because they are constantly rubbing against each other. Due to this, you might have to invest in costly procedures such as surgical tool implants and veneers. Such hassles can be easily avoided by getting braces to correct your bite. 

  1. Let’s face it; even if you floss religiously, crowded teeth are harder to clean than straighter ones. You might always miss a corner because a tooth is preventing you from getting to it. Food might get lodged in such corners very easily which will definitely lead to oral health problems such as cavities, bad breath, and also an overgrowth of bacteria around your gums.
  2. What many people are unaware of is that crowded teeth can also lead to frustrating upper and lower jaw problems in the long run. This is because your jaw has to work extra hard when your upper and lower teeth do not align comfortably while eating. This causes the jaw to be misaligned as well, leading to serious problems like Temporomandibular disorder (known as TMJ or TMD). TMD is known to result in issues such as neck pain and headaches. If it is not attended to, it can lead to chronic pain later in life.

Getting your teeth straightened will help to avoid problems such as TMD and also prevent you from being habituated to grinding and clenching your teeth. 

So, there is no doubt that straightening your teeth has short- as well as long-term mental and physical health benefits. At Prime Dental Spa, we offer a wide range of orthodontic options to our patients, from complete dental implants, traditional braces, as well as unnoticeable Invisalign teeth aligning trays that are designed to suit your budget, expectations, and needs. If you are looking for dental implants at Mount Pleasant, CA and bite correction interventions, then get in touch with us today for more information.